North Aurora, professional mosquito control is available now! 

North Aurora is called the “Crossroads on the Fox,” with portions of three school districts and two park districts within its border.  As is true with its tri-cities neighbors to the north, North Aurora is a Fox River town. Beautiful Riverfront Park boasts one of the most scenic vistas on the Fox River at the dam overlook gazebo. Through NOARDA (North Aurora River District Alliance), the park is home to a series of summer concerts, too. The group promotes it as having a Ravinia-like atmosphere where families can bring a picnic.

While residents like living in the town once called Schneider’s Mill or Schneider’s Crossing, they are not keen on mosquitoes that find river towns attractive. North Aurorans, we’ve got you covered. Mosquito Joe of Tri-Cities IL has mosquitoes in our crosshairs and we aim to rid you of these pests.

Ongoing or one-time event mosquito spray

Mosquito Joe is the locally owned and operated company to call on for mosquito spraying in North Aurora. With the MoJo satisfaction guarantee, we’ll work with you until you’re happy. Plus, we are based in Batavia, which means we’re familiar with this locale. We keep our expenses lower, which benefits you because our experienced technicians are not driving all over Chicagoland to service customers.

Our professional staff will help you decide whether a one-time event spray works, or if an on-going barrier spray plan is preferable. Questions? Visit our FAQ page for answers. For a mosquito-free yard, call 630-345-5267 today or fill out the form to the right and save you and your children from smelly bug repellant.  Make outside fun again!