Hey, Vikings!  Want a mosquito-free yard in Geneva, Illinois this summer?

You can have one. Locally owned and operated Mosquito Joe of Tri-Cities IL offers solutions to summer’s biggest complaint – mosquito bites. Geneva, Illinois is a picture postcard™, home to quaint shops, tree-lined streets and many opportunities to explore nature. You should enjoy it! We aim to make outside fun again for you and your family and friends.

MoJo’s satisfaction guarantee means we aren’t happy until you are happy when it comes to controlling mosquitoes in your backyard. When you sign up for either a one-time event spray or ongoing barrier spray treatment, you’ll find that we work hard to please you. Our experienced technicians are courteous and respectful of your property. They’ll even point out or empty water-holding reservoirs where mosquito eggs could hatch.

Natural Mosquito Control Available

Mosquitoes expose us to various insect-borne diseases like West Nile Virus and St. Louis encephalitis. Nearly every year, the Kane County Health Department reports human cases of West Nile. By proactively fighting the mosquito population in your yard, you reduce your family’s potential exposure to these diseases.  For those of you who look for natural solutions, Mosquito Joe of Tri-Cities IL offers an all-natural mosquito control option.

Mosquito Joe of Tri-Cities IL specializes in outdoor mosquito and pest control treatments for residential and commercial accounts in Geneva and surrounding areas. Our treatments also help control ticks and fleas. Call 630-345-5267 today or fill out the form to the right and save you and your children from smelly bug repellant. Make outside fun again!