Looking for a mosquito spray company in Elburn, Illinois?

Look no more! Nearby Batavia is home to Mosquito Joe of Tri-Cities IL. With a phone call to 630-345-5267, our professional office staff will help you determine what type treatment works best for your situation.

We offer barrier spray treatments, either with synthetic EPA registered products or with an all-natural plan. Our ongoing treatments repel mosquitoes on your property, letting you take back your yard! Your children can play without being doused in smelly repellents. And you’ll enjoy grilling those champion brats from the Elburn Meat Market without the accompanying smell of citronella candles or torches.

Mosquito control available for special events too!  

Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, or celebrating your favorite Kaneland Knight’s graduate with a party, you want your guests to be comfortable. Mosquitoes are not a welcomed guest, so schedule an event spray with Mosquito Joe of Tri-Cities IL. Your yard is safe for people, pets and food 30 – 45 minutes after treatment. Instead of swatting mosquitoes, your friends will be high-fiving you for hosting a fabulous party without handing out bug spray.

With the MoJo satisfaction guarantee, we’ll work with you until you’re happy. We only specialize in outdoor mosquito and pest treatments for residential and commercial accounts. Our treatments also help control ticks and fleas. For a mosquito-free yard, call 630-345-5267 today or fill out the form to the right. Make outside fun again!